Monday January 31, 2011

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Tender Details



Tender Notice No. S&T/CON/22/2010 (MLDT)



Sealed Tenders are invited for & on behalf of President of India from competent and experienced contractors for execution of the under mentioned work on the following sections :-


Name of Work

Tender Value

Earnest Money Deposit

Signalling (Solid State Interlocking) work at Karamtola, Mirzacheuki & Pirpainti and PI Alteration work at 
Sahibganj station in connection with double line between Sahibganj - Pirpainti section in Malda division of Eastern Railway.

Rs.667.40  lakhs 

` 4,83,700.00 (Rupees Four lakhs Eighty Three Thousand Seven Hundred only)  to be deposited in favour of FA&CAO/Con/Eastern Railway/Kolkata.

i) Validity of offer and earnest money should be 90 days from Date of opening of tender.

ii) Date of commencement of sale of tender document:-  14/02/2011.

iii) Closing date of sale of tender document:-     28/02/2011.

iv) Date and time of the receipt of the tender:- 01/03/2011 at 12:00 hrs.

v) Date and time of the opening of the tender:-  01/03/2011 at 12:30 hrs.

vi) Tender offer to be submitted in the nominated  tender box in the office of CSTE/CON/ER at 13th Floor, NKG Building, Kolkata-700 001 on the date of as per time and date in item (iv).

vii) Completion period:-   12 (Twelve ) Months.




Non transferable tender documents may be purchased from the office of Chief Signal & Telecom. Engineer (Con), Eastern Railway, NKG BLDG. (13th Floor), 14, Strand Road, Kolkata-700 001, by the Tenderers fulfilling the following conditions on payment of non refundable amount of Rs.10000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) per copy or Rs.10,500/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Five Hundred only) if required by post. The amount may be deposited in cash to Sr. Divl. Cashier (Con), Koilaghat Building, Kolkata-700 001 or through A/C Payee Demand Draft drawn on any Nationalised Bank in favour of FA & CAO (Con), E.Rly, Kolkata and payable at Kolkata quoting the details of the above tender.


Qualifying criteria & mode of submission of Tenders.


The tenderer should have completed at least one work of similar nature  for a minimum value of 35% of advertised tender value of work in the last three financial years (i.e. current year and three previous financial years). Tenderer has to produce supportive documents / certificates from the organization for whom they have worked along with the tender offer.

NB:- (i) :- If part similar works has / have been commissioned and is / are under use, the amount with respect to that / those portions of commissioned works can be considered as qualifying amount against the above certificate.

Certificates from the private individual /Private Limited Company/Public Limited Company (Private Sector)  for whom such works are executed shall not be accepted. Certificates from Govt./Semi Govt/PSU/Govt autonomous bodies/Public Limited Company (Govt Sector) will only be accepted.

(ii) The total value of similar nature of works completed during the qualifying period, and not the payments received within qualifying period alone, should be considered.

In case, final bill of similar nature of work has not been passed, paid amount including statutory deductions will be considered if final measurements have not been recorded OR if final measurements have been recorded and work has been completed with negative variation.

However, if final measurements have been recorded and work has been completed with positive variation but variation has not been sanctioned, original contractual value of work should be considered for judging eligibility.

(iii) The similar nature of work required as qualifying criteria in this case of tender are Panel Interlocking work (Outdoor and Indoor) or RRI work (Indoor) or RRI work (Outdoor and Indoor) or EI/SSI work (Indoor) or EI/SSI work (Outdoor and Indoor) or IBH or AFTC and the firm should have technical collaboration/MoU for supply of EI/SSI materials, system design, supply of spares & supervision during installation & commissioning the system by the OEM. (RDSO's approved list of manufacturers only). Note:-Technical collaboration/MoU should be submitted along with the offer at the time of opening of tender only.


The total contractual amount received by the tenderer during the last three financial years and in the current financial year should be a minimum of 150% of advertised tender value of work. The tenderer has to produce attested certificate from the employer/client, audited balance sheet duly certified by the Chartered Accountant etc. along with the tender offer.


The 3 years period mentioned in paras 2.1 & 2.2 shall be reckoned from the date of opening of tender in question as originally advertised in the Newspaper. The extended date of opening, if any, shall not be taken into account for the purpose of counting the above period of 3 years.


Service Tax on construction projects of Railways will not be applicable against this tender in terms of Joint Commissioner/Service Tax, Kolkata, Government of India's L.No. V(30)2/Clrfn/Tech/STKol/2007/10417, 27.7.2007 in the purview of "Commercial or Industrial Construction Service".


The tenderer must submit Earnest money in favour of FA&CAO/Con/Eastern Railway/Kolkata with the offer without which the tender shall be summarily rejected. The required earnest money should be either deposited in cash with the Sr. Divl. Cashier/Con., Eastern Railway, Koilaghat, Kolkata - 700 001 or be submitted in the form of Pay Order or in other acceptable forms as mentioned under General Conditions of Tender in the Tender Document.


Adjustment of Earnest Money submitted with earlier tender or accepted tender shall not be done and tender received without prescribed Earnest Money will be liable to be summarily rejected. 


Non receipt or delayed receipts of Tenders due to any account shall be at Tenderer's risk. 


Railway reserves its right to either cancel the tender or rejects any or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof.


Joint venture firms are permitted to participate in these tender. JV firm is requested to go through the Tender document regarding eligibility criterion of the Joint venture firm. 
(Not Applicable for tender value is less than Rs. 5 crore.).


Construction workers cess @ 1% of the cost of construction work will be deducted form the bill of the contractor. Cost of materials supplied under separate item shall be outside the purview of the cess.


If the tenderer/s deliberately gives wrong information/whose credentials/documents in his/their tenders and thereby create(s) circumstances for acceptance of his / their tender, Railway reserves the right to reject such tender at any stage, besides suspending business dealings for minimum of three year.


In case the date of opening mentioned above is declared holiday, on any account, the said date shall automatically be substituted by next working day.


The contractor must submit Bank Account Number, Type of Account, Name of the Bank with full address and the Bank Specific Code no., Branch Telephone no. & FAX no., MICR Code of Bank, IFS Code of Bank along with the offer. 


PVC Clause shall be applicable for tenders of value more than 1 crore and not applicable for tenders of value less than 1 (one) crore as per RB's L.No. 2007/CE.1/CT/18, 28/9/2007.


Tender document down loaded from website will be entertained only when submitted along with value of tender document submitted in the form of money receipt/DD issued in favour of FA&CAO/Con/Eastern Railway, Kolkata. 


For Chief Signal & Telecom. Engineer/Con

Eastern Railway, Kolkata.

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